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Corporate MAgician

Cocktail Hour Magic at Olivia & Chris’ Stunning Wedding at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA

I had the pleasure of performing cocktail hour mentalism and magic for Olivia and Chris’ stunning wedding at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA.

When I first arrived, I noticed how beautiful the venue was. It was at the top of a mountain overlooking a sea of trees and hills. The sun was setting over the mountains, and it was stunning!

For the cocktail hour, I arrived 1 hour early to check in with the venue coordinator. I know that things often run both early and late during weddings, so I always come prepared and early!

As guests filed into the reception area, I began walking from group to group, performing close-up mentalism and magic. Guests were cheering and clapping all throughout the room!

Below are a few videos showing some of the fun we had that day. 

Olivia and Chris’ wedding ceremony ended 15 minutes later than expected, but I always prepare for things like that. I always let my brides and grooms know that when they hire me, I would never leave early during the cocktail hour just because things are running behind schedule.  

Often at weddings, many of the guests didn’t know other people at their table. They are attending with their plus-one but don’t have much to talk about with other guests. That’s where I come in! 

Several of my past couples called the strolling magic “the best ice-breaker!” The father of the groom at this wedding called me over to his close group of friends and asked me to perform for them. The pictures below show some of the crowds that were built.

Naturally when people see something fun going on, they walk over and build a circle! That’s what happened when I was performing my most popular close-up illusion. I take a signed dollar bill, and make it disappear and reappear inside of a lemon! 

Wedding Magician Chris Herrick performs at a cocktail hour at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA.

I have to give a big thank you to the staff at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts! They were extremely kind and showed me lots of hospitality. I’d highly recommend the venue if you are looking for a gorgeous ceremony site that overlooks the mountains.

If you would like to have me perform at your wedding cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelor party, reach out to me at or through my website’s contact form and we can chat more.

November 20, 2023

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