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Cocktail Hour Magic at Brianna & Mike’s Gorgeous Wedding at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH

I traveled to the White Mountains for Brianna and Mike’s gorgeous wedding at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH

They had their ceremony at the top of the mountain, then took a gondola down to the base of the mountain for the reception. How cool is that!

In case you were interested in having your wedding at Loon Mountain, I’ve included a few videos below to show what the reception room looks like.

For the cocktail hour, I arrived 1 hour early to check in with the venue coordinator. For weddings in the White Mountains, I always leave lots of extra drive time in case anything were to pop up. 

As guests filed into the reception area, I walked from group to group, performing close-up mentalism and magic. Guests quickly caught on, and crowds were built right away. Cheering and clapping was heard all throughout the room!

Numerous times throughout the night, guests came over to me and requested that I perform for their table. When that happens, I know that people are excited!

Below are a few videos showing some of the fun we had that day. 

Many of the guests at Brianna and Mike’s wedding came from out of state, and they didn’t know many other people attending. That’s one of the reasons the couple wanted me to perform – to break the ice!

Brianna left a 5-Star Review and said that “It was such a big hit, I STILL have people talking about it weeks later!” 

I have to give a big shout out to the staff at Loon Mountain for showing me lots of hospitality. 

If you would like to have me perform at your wedding cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelor party, reach out to me at or through my website’s contact form and we can chat more.

November 20, 2023

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